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When is the best time of the year to buy towels


We suggest you stock up with towels at any time of the year! But, now that the cold weather is passing and we are approaching the busiest time of the year, it's more important than ever to make sure you stock up on the items which your customers are using on a daily basis. Providing complimentary towels and bathrobes, as well as slippers and other items can create a very positive impression of how your business is run, making guests feel welcomed and accommodated.

Now is the time to stock up!

If you need to stock up on replacements, or have decided to add this this little luxury to your hotel, then we’d say that this is the best time of year for you to look into selecting and buying the range of towels and robes of your choice. For you, it may mean you have more free time and can invest effort into choosing the best towels, robes and slippers for your business.

The Rush

Another reason why it’s worth buying now is to avoid the peak season rush. Leaving it until the last minute could mean that you’re unable to find the right quality towels and robes, particularly from one of the popular ranges. You may have to wait in the queue for more stock to arrive with your supplier and so it takes longer. And if you’re looking for embroidering it can slow the process up. So, we’d suggest that you strike now while the iron's hot. when there’s more choice for you to choose from.

High Quality Embroidery

By purchasing towels at this time of year, you are assuring you are ready for the months ahead. By the time the busier season begins, you will have plenty of sumptuous, high quality towels and bathrobes available to your guests.  Why not embroider your items, this will only enhance your customers impression of your business.

By stocking up now rather than at a later period of the year, you are ensuring you are ready to go. You have all your needs for when you require them and you also won’t have to wait for long periods for a turnaround. So, why wait? Now is the perfect time to purchase.

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